Kezhanyou.com is looking for an aspiring and capable team member to explore the bursting online travel market. Take this opportunity to experience the start-up lifestyle, and learn directly from Founder, Jayne 吴.

Join the rest of the team in this high-potential start-up, together we will live, work and party hard in coolest hosteling scene. Dress code is anything that looks good, as long as it is not corporate.

Roles and Responsibilities: Marketing
1. e-Marketing: Gain in-depth knowledge about SEM and Google Analytics
2. Champion weibo.com/kezhanyou
3. Manage direct marketing campaigns at university campuses
4. Contribute to sculpting the face of Kezhanyou through the public relations arm

Desired Capabilities
1. Independent, with no prince and princess sicknesses
2. A keen love to travel, explore and backpack
3. Avid user of Weibo.com
4. Final year student in Business Administration (Marketing major preferred)
5. Creative, but not scared of numbers
6. Hands-on working style
7. Good social skills, love meeting people and making friends
8. Must be comfortable in English, and extremely fluent in Mandarin




职位描述 :市场营销
• 网上营销:有机会深入了解各搜索引擎的SEM和谷歌统计
• 社交化媒体营销: 当@客栈游官博的达人weibo.com/kezhanyou
• 参与公司的公共关系

• 有团队精神,又能独立工作的团员。谢绝公主王子病!
• 热爱自助游,爱各处探索的背包旅游者
• 新浪微博迷
• 工商管理专业的大四学生;营销系优先考虑
• 富有创意和分析能力 - 对数字敏感者优先考虑
• 组织能力强,执行能力强,自动动手办事
• 社交技巧强,热爱交友
• 英语一般,中文特强
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